Doronix Math Toolbox 2.0 Serial Key


Doronix Math Toolbox 2.0 Serial Key

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I want to create that so that when there is no serial key created in the file then it can be restart the program and a serial key should be generated for that
I am working on this problem for the past 2 days I have read many articles but I didn’t get solution from that so could you please help me to complete this
Following is my code
import java.util.Random;

public class Serial {

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
String fileName=”C:\\Users\\Desktop\\serial\”.replace(“\”,”_”);

Random rand=new Random();

int i=0;
long l=rand.nextLong();

File dir=new File(fileName);
int r=0;
String s=””;
for(File f:dir.listFiles())
if(!f.isHidden() &&!f.getName().equals(“.”))
else if(dir.mkdir())
System.out.println(“Serial Key: “+p);
long p=l+rand.nextInt((int)Math.sqrt

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