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That could mean that they’re using old keys that you used or that they’ve changed the servers the keys go to. Either way it probably means that you need to find a new key.
Also, can you remove the X-WAP-ROBOT check in the start page? That’s not needed, but there’s very few reason that WAP should be in use.
If you can’t find one, I’d contact the author to see if they have another key.


php laravel array

I have problem to make query work.
function vietname()
$college = College::where(‘title’, ‘like’, ‘%prov’, ‘tu’)->get();
return $college;

So I get result with queries :
| college_id | title |
|——— |————- |
| 1 | vừa dành để |
| 2 | lập pháp lý |
| 3 | học giỏi nhân |
| 4 | phải đặt giá |

But I want to have result as :
| college_id | title |
|——— |————- |
| 1 | vừa dành để |
| 2 | lập pháp lý |
| 3 | học giỏi nhân |
| 4 | phải đặt giá |

How do it?


Use $college->whereIn(‘title’,array(‘v�

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How can we say that consecutive positive integer $\bmod n$ contains no prime number?

How can we say that consecutive positive integer $\bmod n$ contains no prime number? For example,
0\bmod 8,\\
3\bmod 8,\\
6\bmod 8,\\
15\bmod 8,\\
all have no prime number. Are there any arguments to show this?


Hint: Every integer mod $n$ can be written as a product of the form $p^a$ ($p$ is prime) and $r^b$ ($r$ is prime and $1\le a \le b$). So, the number of such $r$’s is:
$$ \sum_{p|n

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