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The FERN package is a Java-based, extensible and comprehensive framework for efficient simulation and analysis of chemical reaction networks. FERN includes state of the art algorithms for stochastic simulation and a powerful visualization system based on gnuplot and Cytoscape.
We present here the main characteristics of FERN in the context of the stochastic simulation and visualization of chemical reaction networks. Some of the key algorithms are described. In addition, as applications of FERN, the article presents a stochastic simulator of a simple GTP cyclohydrolase I feedback loop, the core of the glucolytic pathway of bacteria.


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FERN is a Java-based, extensible and comprehensive framework for efficient simulations and analysis of chemical reaction networks.
It includes state of the art algorithms for stochastic simulation and a powerful visualization system based on gnuplot and Cytoscape.

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It’s a part of the graph function and is used to model the change of rate of change at the vertices of the graph.
You can see the details in chapter 11 of Theorem 11.6.1, which applies to rate equations as well.


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The output is a png, which we successfully save with the iconv function.
Unfortunately, the “MS Gothic” font is missing all of the “skeletons” of the supported glyphs, the input text sometimes contains some parts of the input that contain Japanese characters, so the output file contains things like this:

After reading a discussion about UTF-8 and windows encodings and glyphs, which can be found here
We have tried to modify the compiling process and add some more settings.
One setting is to enable UTF-8 encoding and output a DBCS compatible document to a temp file, then read it back.
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The European Bioinformatics Institute has been using FERN in large-scale, multi-scale and multi-parameter simulations over the last decade. FERN was mainly developed to support flexible deterministic algorithms for the parameter estimation of model species, but can also be used for stochastic simulations.
FERN can be used with Chemical Master Equations (CME) for mechanistic enzymology models. It supports dynamic flux sampling, stochastic and deterministic sampling. Steady-state and transient simulations can be performed. The user can visualize and save simulation data in SBML and SEDF format.
In the current version of FERN the following functions are supported:
– Mechanistic Enzymology Models
– Dynamic Flux Sampling
– Steady-State Simulations (Limit Cycle Analysis and Flux Balance Analysis)
– Stochastic and Deterministic Sampling
– Parallel Processing
– Stoichiometric models
– Parameter estimation
– Data Visualization (SBML, SEDF, gplots and cytoscape)
Overview of the system:
FERN has a modular architecture: the core simulator can be used with or without custom plugins. Standard plugins are the component for the simulation of enzymatic reactions, metabolic or transport reactions and chemical transformations. Custom plugins are added via the FERN extension mechanism. Thus, it is straight forward to add new plugins without modifying the source. The source code can be inspected easily via git.
– Exchangeable modular architecture to plug new functionality: the core simulator and plugins share the same repository.
– Mechanistic Enzymology Models
– Dynamic Flux Sampling
– Steady-State Simulations (Limit Cycle Analysis and Flux Balance Analysis)
– Stochastic and Deterministic Sampling
– Parallel Processing
– Stoichiometric models
– Parameter estimation
– Data Visualization (SBML, SEDF, gplots and cytoscape)
– Sensitivity analysis:
– Online perturbation analysis
– Historical perturbation analysis
– Collective analysis
– Single parameter sensitivity
– Flux balance analysis (FBA)
– Flux variability analysis (FVA)
– Component mapping
– Flux control analysis (FCA)
– Reaction channel mapping
– Generation of random samples:
– Deterministic sampling
– Stochastic sampling
– Deterministic sampling based on state sampling
– Stochastic sampling based on state

What’s New In FERN?

Distributions.Distributions to guarantee convergence properties of Markov chains without sampling, for all models and all starting conditions.

Model setup and definition.Model definition includes models with components, species and mechanisms which are involved in a reaction.

Visualization.Visualization of simulation and analysis results consists of visualizing complexes and sub-networks in graphs and timelines. It supports animations of reaction dynamics and can thus display the temporal development of the reaction networks.

Cytoscape integration.The visualization system can also be used as a graphing library, hence users can visualize their simulation results in Cytoscape. FERN will communicate with Cytoscape by using reactions stored in a specialized datastore.

Use of FERN.FERN is a Java application. It is distributed as a ZIP file and can therefore be executed on all platforms Java supports.

The following objects are available for consumption from within the FERN framework. The classes in italics, e.g. FERNModel, are extensions to the core FERN Modeling framework. These extensions are not yet part of the core model definition framework and are currently added by FERN developers.

The core capabilities provided by FERN are the following:

Assistance in the setting up and specification of models (Additional file 1)

Assistance in the easy specification of stochastic or deterministic models (Additional file 2)

Assistance in the mapping of models to popular databases (Additional file 3)

Visualization (Additional file 4)

Data structures for storing species, complexes and reactions (Additional file 5)

List of reaction identifiers for the implemented reactions

List of reactions for the implemented species


ModelSetup : Model setup allows users to define a set of parameters for the creation of models. This includes possible values for the distributions.

With model setup, there are two approaches to create models using the FERN framework:

Stochastic models

Stochastic models provide a more detailed account of the behaviour of the chemical system and allow to investigate smaller model systems over longer time periods.

Deterministic models

Deterministic models can be created by specifying the different rates of a reaction including diffusion or transport terms. They lack detailed information on the behaviour of the system and can only simulate one realization of the system.

In order to create a model with FERN

System Requirements For FERN:

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