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This nifty Nike+ Widget allows you to check your personal Goal progress beyond your browser, any time.
Motivate yourself to pound pavement and outrun your target. You’ll log in securely with your Nike+ info to load your Goal(s).*
Together, Apple and Nike created Nike+ to change the way we run. A sensor in your Nike footwear talks to a receiver connected to your iPod nano, and they mutually track the details of your runs. You’ll know your distance, pace, calories and time, every stride. To learn more and get the gear, check out
*To refresh your Goal, use Control-R
· Yahoo Widget Engine


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Nike+ Goal Widget Crack Download [Latest 2022]

Nike+ Widget is an interactive widget for Yahoo Widgets that allows you to customize the interface
· Running Goals
· Nike+ Account
· Add/Remove Trackers
· Set Target Pace
· Set Target Time
· Distance
· Calories
· Average Speed
· Strava Link
· Description
Good Ways to Track Your Activity on Android, iPhone and Widget, on a Mobile Browser or on a Computer (Needs Internet Connection)
Your friends, family and co-workers will be surprised at just how much you can get done with a little extra motivation.
· GPS Tracking
· Step Tracking
· Calorie Tracking
· Music Tracker
· Text or Email Sending
· Running Goals
· Nike+ Account
· Backup to Your PC
· No Cookies
In addition to tracking your running effort and time, Nike+ allows you to customize your running workouts.
· Weekly Progress Tracker (Progress by day)
· Daily Status Updates (Progress by day)
· Real-Time Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
· Calendar Integration
· Email Alerts
· Social Customization
· Update iPhone or iPod Touch Calorie Tracker
· Set Custom: Distance, Pace, Time, Calories
Your friends, family and co-workers will be surprised at just how much you can get done with a little extra motivation.
· Social Customization: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn
· GPS Tracking: Android, iPhone, iPad
· Daily Status Updates: Progress by day
· Social Customization: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn
· Sync: iPhone/iPod Touch (sleep) and Windows Phone
· Text or Email Alerts
· Calendar Integration
· Email Alerts
· Schedule Tracking
· Backup to PC
· No Cookies

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Nike+ Goal Widget Crack+ With License Code [32|64bit] [March-2022]

· Keep you motivated.
· Track your run with Nike+ Tracker
· Make sure you cross the finish line
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Nike+ Goal Widget Crack + Activation (2022)

· Nike+ Widgets Widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine.
· it’s compatible with many hosts.
· You can easily customize this widget.
· You can change Nike Goal automatically to Facebook, Twitter or Google+
· Nike+ Goal Widget is free of charge.
· Nike+ Goal Widget is a life time free.Modest improvements to the original standard design provide a shorter lever and a more positive cam action to help you reach a new low.

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What’s New in the Nike Goal Widget?

· Nike+ is designed to help you get a better running experience by providing information about your progress.
· Nike+ Widget makes it easy to stay motivated to run, walk and get active, even when you are away from your computer.
· Nike+ Widget enables you to unlock the full potential of the Nike+ platform.
· You will receive a log-in information and a password through email.
· In addition, your progress, your goals and even your most recent activity will be shown on your homepage.
· Edit Settings:
· Option: “Enable Display Mode”

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System Requirements For Nike Goal Widget:

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