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Sonetto Iconpackager is a collection that will provide you with interesting icons for your folders and applications. All the icons included in this pack are in ico format.
You can use these icons with your folders or files, in order to enhance their appearance and make your desktop get a new look.







Sonetto Iconpackager Crack+ PC/Windows

• Over 1200 unique and beautiful icons for desktop, folders, windows, applications and more
• No nagging license. No annoying activation. No limits. Just download and start using the icons.
• Flexible configuration options. You can use the icons in one click or you can customize them and make them match your current theme.—
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Sonetto Iconpackager With License Code (Updated 2022)

This pack includes 156 icons for the folders and files, plus 39 icons for the applications, in order to provide you with a new feeling in your environment.
To use this pack with your folders or files, all you have to do is to place in any folder or file that you want these icons to be applied to a “Folder” or “file” property.
To use these icons with your applications, simply drag and drop the icon to the applications tray.

Lock your folders, files and view other folders with a password.

Free Version Description:
This version has a very basic interface and 7 icons.
The other 59 icons are only available in the paid version.
The paid version has an interface similar to that of the application “Asc Lock Files”.

Install Windows theme icon packs from file / folder, themes from icon packs.


Install Windows Theme

Install Windows Theme icon packs from file / folder, themes from icon packs.

This icon pack adheres to Microsoft’s Windows XP design guidelines.

The icons are designed to look like the native Windows XP icons.

The icons are provided in two sizes; 32 and 48 px.

The icons have a transparent background so the icons blends well in the Windows theme.

This icon pack is available in both the 32 and 48 px sizes.

The icons have the icon rights which means that they can be used for commercial purposes.

The icons in this pack have a transparent background.

You will be able to use these icons in all kinds of files and folders:




My Computer

Recycle bin

On the desktop

Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000

Add or Replace Programs

Applications tray




Documents and Settings






Uninstall Programs

Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

Disclaimer. It is recommended to do a backup before performing any operation using this icon pack.

We recommend you to check out our other icon packs.

Thanks to Windows users who use and tested the icon packs.

Download the Windows icon pack pack from the link below.

Note. The Windows icon pack is intended for Windows XP. Please don’t attempt to use it

Sonetto Iconpackager Download [Win/Mac]

If you are looking for a toolbar icon pack to enhance the appearance of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 then this pack will certainly meet your expectation. In fact, this pack includes a wide selection of icons to enhance your desktop, tabs or even menus. Furthermore, you will find a nice selection of desktop and toolbar icons.
A lot of dark and colorful wallpapers are included so that you can make your desktop into a stunning picture gallery. This collection includes PSD source files for all the icons in it.

ColorPaix Icon Pack is an icon pack created by Hadi – a new Windows user, avid to check out his first icon pack. The icon pack has almost all kinds of icons and a wide variety of graphics.
In here, you can find lot of options to further customize your desktop and other resources.
ColorPaix icon pack Description:
This is a beautiful icon pack made for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 systems. All icons included in the icon pack are in common icon formats, and you can use them on your desktop, windows, windows applications and more.
This icon pack includes a lot of themes, effects, wallpapers, colors, and font types. There is also a toolbar icon pack version included in the icon pack. However, in the toolbar version, some icon formats are missing.

Cagatay Cagatay Icon Pack is a Toolbar icon pack for Windows 10.
It contains over 2.700 most commonly used icons in two variations – a transparent and a color. You also get 50 toolbars icons – 20 latin fonts & 10 desktop-style icons. The pack comes in two variations:
Simple mode – means no icon settings like transparency and size.
Full mode – means with transparent and different size
Here, you can set transparency of icons and size of icons, fonts, and many other styles. There is also an option to drag and drop the icon where you want.
Cagatay Cagatay Icon Pack Description:
This icon pack has been designed to enhance the appearance of your screen. If you like this pack, it is a good option to download your favorite icon pack for Windows 10 and Windows 8.
This package comes in two versions – Full and Simple.
Full Mode:
There are many features available in this version such as transparency, icon settings (size and transparency), many styles (font, rounded, flat, square, semi-trans

What’s New in the Sonetto Iconpackager?

# Auto Install support
# Full list of supported operating systems: Windows
# 7.6 and higher
# 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x icons
# User interface and default theme
# Additional default icons and links
# Configurable icon sizes from 64×64 to 24×24
# Full list of supported file extensions:.bmp,.ico,.png,.gif,.jpg,.mng,.html,.css
# Configurable icons mode: left side, right side, primary
# Easy installation: automatic installation
# Easy uninstallation: automatic uninstallation
# Full customization of the whole interface
# Possibility of customizing all interface elements’ settings
# Possibility of customizing all interface elements: buttons, links, background, text and foreground colors
# Possibility of displaying not required icons: Ringtones, Volume and Widget
# Ability to change icon size to true or false
# ability to add or remove icons to registry
# After installation, Windows programs will use this icon pack
# Free software, can run on all Windows systems;
# Available for all versions of Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008, 2012, 2016
#… and more
# How to use it:
# Install it in advance
# Open the folder iconpackager.
# Drag and drop icons to a new folder that you want to change its icon, and select the icon you want to change.
# When installation finished, you need restart your computer.
# To configure the icon pack in the whole OS:
# You need to right-click on the System Tray icon pack-icon, and select Customize.
# You can change any setting that you want.
# To change the icons size:
# You need to right-click on the SysTray icon pack icon, and select View Properties.
# You will see a properties box open.
# You can edit a value for each icon size or configuration you want to change.
# To change links of your programs in the start menu:
# You need to right-click on the start menu icon and select Properties.
# You will see a properties box open.
# Choose the icon pack and change its settings.
# To view all the custom icons and themes:
# You need to right-click on the System Tray icon pack icon, and select

System Requirements:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS X
Nvidia 3D Vision or AMD Eyefinity
4 GB system RAM
Minimum 2 GB system RAM
2 GHz processor
1024 x 768 screen resolution
DirectX 9.0c compatible system
An internet connection
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Ashes of the Elves
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