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Data loss is pretty much part of life. It happened to almost everyone, and will most probably happen to you at some point, because let's face it, most things hardware related will eventually break. Unless, of course, you are a very organized individual who ALWAYS backups up his data. Thankfully, nowadays there are tons of ways to efficiently backup your data – both locally and in the cloud. Regardless of your choice, a good backup utility is a must, as it can make your life a lot easier. Make your life easier with BlobBackup BlobBackup is one such utility that allows you to backup data from your computer's hard drives or external drives. It allows you to backup data locally and, better yet, to some of the best cloud storage solutions. These include Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Wasabi, Microsoft Azure, Blackblaze B2, S3-compatible storages, Google Drive, and even SFTP. Security in the forefront With the basics out of the way, let's talk about what makes BlobBackup worthy of your attention. Well, for starters, it features end to end encryption (AES encryption, HMAC authentication, and config data encryption). In short, your data is encrypted with a password before it leaves your computer or external drives, and it stays that way until you eventually need to restore it. However important, security is not the only good thing about BlobBackup. Because speed is also a very important factor when it comes to backing up data, you'll be happy to hear that the app uses high-speed compression standards. It uses multi-threaded uploads/downloads and a high-speed algorithm for data compression. Other noteworthy features include a robust error logging system, informative progress markers, debug mode for high details, custom file, and folders selections, direct in-app restore, clean and intuitive native UI, resumable backups, flexible excluding rules, and enough built-in backup scheduling options to make everyone happy. Conclusion While not impressive at first glance, a quick peek at BlobBackup's features should be enough to convince just about anyone that it has what it takes to sit at the table with the grown-ups of the industry. It's a simple and reliable backup tool that's accessible to new-comers and it has enough powerful features to keep most power users satisfied.


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The fastest software to backup your smartphone and tablets to Google Cloud storage! Download free: BlobBackup Rooting or jailbreaking your Android device is done by disconnecting the battery and pressing the power button repeatedly, but there is a much easier way to do it and it is not really supported by Google. There is an app that can be used to perform this task very easily. It’s called, BladeROM. Its an open source application which has a lot of advanced features. In this article, we will discuss the process of rooting a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge through the use of BladeROM. Preparation: Before we start, it is very important to perform the following steps. Disable the lock screen so you can freely use your device. Turn off data connection so you can disconnect the cellular data easily. You can use WiFi when connected to a network. If you have installed the ad-blocking apps through the Play Store, you can remove those apps as well. The apps that are responsible for the process are called “Crap Cleaner”, “SystemCleaner”, and “ad block zero”. Connect the device to PC for a factory reset. What Is BladeROM? BladeROM is an open source program. So, it is free from any kind of proprietary software. It has many advanced features so you can do lots of things with a single tap and it is protected by unlimited warranty. How to Root? BladeROM works differently compared to other rooting programs. Rather than rooting a single file, BladeROM changes the files in the system and in turn, it changes the kernel. So, to make it even clearer, ‘BladeROM’ is not a ‘rooting tool’ but a ‘kernel hacking tool’. Having said that, BladeROM is not difficult to use. You need to know just a few steps. From the main screen, you can either root an existing device or create a new bootable device. You can try out it by pressing the ‘How To Use’ button. It will show you a series of steps to follow. Once you are done with the wizard, you can reboot your device and it will ask you to install the file. You can download the file from BladeROM support. The file will have a

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BlobBackup is an application for backing up your files and folders. It is a very simple yet powerful application for backing up your files, and you can easily back up multiple folders as a whole. Main features: – Local: Backup files and folders to your computer or external hard drives – Cloud: Backup to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Wasabi, Microsoft Azure, Blackblaze B2, S3-compatible storages, Google Drive and SFTP – Backup scheduling – Built in backup options: Backup to local disk, encrypted zip file, password and more – Backup options: exclude certain folder, exclude certain file types, exclude certain extension, backup on schedule, backup in incremental mode – Custom file, including or excluding rules – Direct restore, back up into a single file – Resumable backups, with clean and intuitive interface – Network screen capturing and automated security log saving What’s New: – Improve the performance of backup process – Update the interface according to design guideline BlobBackup – file and folders backup app ★★ Page 1: BlobBackup Review File and folders backup app If you own an iPhone or iPad, you probably know the importance of backing up your data. You might rely on iTunes to backup data for you, or you might use iCloud to store your data, but either way, you’ll want to be sure your data is safe and sound. However, that might not be enough to ensure your data is always protected. Some data breaches happen with unprecedented speed, making you lose all your data within a few minutes. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to find a reliable file and folders backup app that supports most of the file types you need to backup and exchange data over the internet. Luckily, there’s an app for that: BlobBackup. BlobBackup Review If you are looking for a file and folders backup app that supports most file types, enables end-to-end encryption and sync to the cloud, then BlobBackup may be the best file and folders backup app for your needs. On top of that, BlobBackup has enough useful features that will allow you to back up and restore your most important data with ease. If you’ve been looking for an app that has everything you need in one package, then this is a great choice. How it Works To start aa67ecbc25

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– End-to-end encryption – use AES encryption, HMAC authentication, and config data encryption to protect your data. – Local and cloud connectivity with multi-threaded upload/downloads and high-speed data compression. – Powerful file/folder selection options and support for file/folder/folder exclusion. – Plugin-driven architecture for extensibility. – Well-documented API allows developers to extend the app and make BlobBackup their own. – Advanced scheduling, size, and auto-erase options for backup schedules. – In-app backup restore and media files backup with forward and backward recover. – Robust error logging system. – Configurable system tray icon to auto-start backup at login. – Intelligent progress indicators with live estimated completion times. – Direct in-app restore with configurable file, folder, and memory restore. – Allows selecting encrypted backup files and folders to restore easily. – Real-time verification of backups completion and file/folder health, can be checked in the UI or through API. – Custom file, folder, and folder exclusion options. – Built-in backup scheduling options for efficient data backup. – Flexible scheduling options and auto-exclusion options for backup rules. – Clean and intuitive UI and customizable tab layout. – Direct preview and image viewer with image file selection and per-file compress. – Fast and accurate file size calculation with file/folder/folder selection options. – Includes all data needed for backups and restores. – Compatible with all modern OS X versions and Windows/Linux for data extraction. Requirements: – Mac computer only Key Features: – Automatic and manual backups, direct restore, and in-app restore. – Plug-in-driven architecture for easy extension and customization. – Local and cloud connectivity through multi-threaded upload/downloads and compression using H.264. – Robust error logging system with detailed progress indicators. – Configurable system tray icon to auto-start backups at login. – Quick-access interface with customizable UI for quick backups, restores, and options. – Built-in media library for easy backup of photos, videos, and music. – In-app backup restore from external devices, audio, and videos. – Backup to local and cloud storage for local and remote backups. – Real-time verification of backups completion and file/folder/folder health. –

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