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Notepad was introduced as a service component of MS-DOS some 40 years ago. Since then, a version of Notepad has been implemented in any Windows version, including the latest one, Windows 11. Alternatives for such a simple utility were, of course, unavoidable. While nobody knows the exact number of Notepad alternatives, we are aware that some are bringing new functionality to the table, while others are just clones.
Orange Codec Notepad is a common text editor that fits the clone description almost totally. While, almost, well, it has one single feature the OS notepads don't.
The interface seems to be restrictive
A notepad app should be completely resizable. That helps with adjusting a page no matter the screen size or resolution one prefers. Orange Codec Notepad gives only the impression it can be resized, but it doesn't change the size of the text area, it just adds a gray, thicker border. If that is a bug or a feature, it's not known yet; maybe an update will clear things out.
The one distinctive feature
Because of how similar this tool is compared to any OS edition out there, it still manages to bring an original element. Coloring the font seems to be one feature that not even the Win 11 version of Notepad implemented. Furthermore, the portability factor can also be sought after. In short, if you prefer to color paragraphs and work with an untraceable tool, Orange Codec Notepad might sound like a good idea.
For the most part
Orange Codec Notepad is far from being impressive or revolutionary – it brings nothing new to the table and even lacks features like wrap text, or printing support. On the other side, it offers font coloration and can be carried around a removable storage device. In the end, if you are more interested in what it does than what it doesn't, you're free to give it a try.







Orange Codec Notepad Crack+ Registration Code For Windows

# Notepad is a simple text editor available for most Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. # It is usually invoked by its file extension, “.txt”, and the []notepad [/] command-line syntax. Notepad is generally the default text editor in Windows and is the first editor that appears when Windows launches. # Notepad is provided as part of the Windows core installation on all Windows operating systems from Windows 95 onwards.
How to use:
Download and extract the archive. Double-click on notepad.exe.
Unpack the archive. You will find a folder with the name of the package. This folder contains the program and some other files.
Run the program and that’s all.

* Automatic crash recovery.
* Windows XP/vista/7 themes.
* Change fonts.
* Change colors.
* Font size.
* Padding.
* Print button.
* Padding with a transparent color.
* Tray icon.
* A way to make backups of your data.
* Unlimited line breaks.
* Line breaks with a different color.
* Command line.
* Command line with a transparent color.
* Command line enabled.
* Color white and black.
* Powerful search and replace.
* First line of multiple texts can be selected.
* Preference section.
* Undo/Redo.
* Scrolling with a mouse.
* Format a paragraph with a color.
* Default font.
* Editing time.
* Resize a window on a screen.
* Difference between two texts.
* Folders.
* Save/open files.
* Search.
* Display the content of a file.
* Create a backup.
* Change the status of a window on the screen.
* Copy and paste.
* History.
* Bookmark the current page.
* Add and remove bookmarks.
* Find/replace.
* Text size.
* Text wrap.
* Full screen.
* Ruler.
* Batch file for easy edition.
* Contact us via email.
* Full screen with a transparent status bar.
* Maximize/Minimize/Restore window.
* Multiple states window.
* Save path.
* Program can be uninstalled.
* B

Orange Codec Notepad Registration Code Free

Orange codec notepad is an alternative notepad that has a dark theme. It contains many features that your default notepad doesn’t contain such as the ability to highlight text and change the font color.

Simplr Text Editor
Simplr Text Editor is yet another Notepad clone, the difference is that it doesn’t inherit old behaviors (save and open) from the classic version; it gives the illusion of being a simpler version of Notepad. Despite its simplicity, it offers a lot of customization as seen on the above screenshots.
Simplr Text Editor features:

The UI is simple with just a few buttons, and the entire interface is resizable.

Text formatting can be achieved via syntax highlighting and specific buttons.

This features include search and replace, finding and replacing search terms within text, reindenting text, and block selection.

Simplr Text Editor
Simplr Text Editor Description:
Simplr Text Editor is a Notepad alternative that works the way we all want: simple and comfortable. For first time users, there’s a special “Simple” mode to get you started. It’s simple, that’s all there is to it.

Simple Code Notepad
Simple Code Notepad is yet another simple clone of Notepad. Despite this, it has some very good features that notepad doesn’t, such as automatic saving, which requires Windows 8.1 or higher.
Simple Code Notepad features:

Full screen editing

The app only needs a few more minutes of use to be able to edit an entire page without scrolling

The app is beautifully simple with an interface that easily adapts to any screen size

Simple Code Notepad
Simple Code Notepad Description:
Simple Code Notepad is the simple code notepad alternative. This code editor focuses on making your coding life easy. It is a side-by-side editor which gives you the power to write the code you want without losing your place. It’s also freeware.

BOSS Download Notepad
BOSS Download Notepad is one of the easiest Notepad clones out there. The interface is clean and is perfect for editing both simple as well as complex text. The best thing about the app is that it is totally freeware. It weighs nothing and doesn’t take

Orange Codec Notepad Crack + With Keygen

Orange Codec Notepad is a simple text editor that sports a unique design. In addition to its standard features, such as line and character wrap, it allows you to color the text and import various text-wrapping schemes, including flowing text, right-justifying text or centering text on the page.
Supported file types include csv, txt, hdd, doc, docx, pdf, rar, zip and more. However, no support for binary files is available.
Our main focus is to provide a basic text editor for every user to scribble out some notes and most important articles, leaving the features for everyone to decide for themselves.
Since our user interface is very simple, we do not limit ourselves to add any extra features, mainly to satisfy the many requests received in our Telegram bot. Since we provide a simple editor, it is not designed to store any data on our servers.


1. When you launch Orange Codec Notepad, a new window will be opened (see below), and you will be asked to read and agree to our Terms of Use. The window can be closed with the x of the window, and this will return you to the main page of the program.

2. We are currently working to be compatible with Windows 10, so we are actively testing the version that we ship with, with this release. We hope to support Windows 10 shortly, and if you face any issues, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

10. The price you see on the website is a starting point that may be different depending on your location. Clicking on any of the available buttons on the right will take you to the payment part of the transaction.

11. In the terms of use, you can see that the license can only be used by one person, so you should carefully consider if you want to share it with others.

Synchronizing Notes with Gmail, Office 365 or Dropbox

Get a Gmail (for or Office 365 subscription

Get a Dropbox account

Upload your files to Dropbox

Access your Dropbox files

Go to the settings menu and choose to connect Dropbox to Orange Codec Notepad.

Choose a Dropbox folder that contains your notes, and click OK.

Click Import in Orange Codec Notepad and select all the notes that you would like to import to the new window.

Notes Syncing

What’s New in the?


Orange Codec Notepad is a font coloration tool based on a free font by ASCII as well as a freeware font converter. It is a text editor that has gained popularity among English speaking Windows users who get tired of using the windows default Notepad application.


As a text editor and font coloration tool it has a few important features.

They allow you to type in what ever text or color you desire.

There are a ton of themes you can use. They are labeled with a variety of themes

You can print right from the app and just like Notepad is a freeware application

The interface is made to be as simple as possible but still looks good.

You can email or even print directly to PDF.

It’s a light weight application that will run on any windows systems.

The presentation is good and a big theme you will be able to pick from is the built in English speaking theme.

The software has a very simple interface that any user will find easy to use.

The application has been built to be easy to understand.

It has an optional PDF reader that can be used to just easily print your notes to PDF.

It’s a freeware application.

It’s a basic text editor with the ability to color text.

It has been designed for english speaking users.

You can paste your text into the window and then retype your text into a different color you want.

You can change the background color as well as the text color of the next paragraphs.

You can also add text and any other kind of objects into the window and you can even change their color or even text.

You can use it as a custom font converter as well.

Basic text editor that allows you to easily change the color of the text.

It’s a custom font converter that allows you to change all the font colors of the text.


When you install the program you will be able to go into options and setup the application to your liking.

Then, you will need to download the freeware text to PDF converter.

Once you have those two downloaded you should launch the program and then click on the “Create PDF” button.

The program will now save it to your desktop.

From there you can either double click on the file to open it or you can

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX compatible card with 64 MB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive Space: 5 GB free space
Video: 1680×1050 Screen Resolution
Additional Notes: Steam, Oculus, an Oculus Rift CV1 and SteamVR is recommended to play Rift Rivals, however, Rift Rivals can be played on any Rift device
This guide explains how to install and play

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