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1973 audio plugin will give you the ability to drop in staggering amounts of smooth, detailed HF boost without shredding eardrums. Get this useful audio plugin and test it to see what it can do for you.
■ VST host
■ 30 days trial







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Hire a pilot, or work on a farm, or just turn on your radio and have a blast. 1973 Product Key gives you the power to boost the voices in your mix with an arsenal of comp and eq filters, as well as specific master buses that you can apply to your entire track if you’re so inclined.
In true HPF and shelf-style modulation fashion, your mix will never sound the same.
1973 Features:
■ 495k dynamic range – no other plugin can match what 1973 can do
■ 43 effects presets – literally hundreds of different effects with an extensive configurable workflow
■ Feedback Path processor – enjoy deep sculpting of your mix for the best possible playback experience
■ modulator – variable control over the pitch and depth of your mix for a wide range of experimental results.
■ modulator delay – controllable phase shift for both inter and intra-track delays
■ modulator reverb – variable added reverb to your mix.
■ modulator plug-ins – choose between a series of dry mix generators or a vocal processor to add pitch to your track.
■ master buses – connect all of your master buses together so you can send the group your mix – all at once or individually. Great for panning multiple vocal tracks in the mix, without the need for multiple plug-ins.
■ 31 in/out points – from a simple stereo input, to a raw audio record from your DAW
1973 FAQs:
■ Is there any limit to the amount of tracks I can send to the modulator?
■ Can the modulator take custom presets as inputs?
■ Does the plugin require X-bit/FLAC/ALAC?
■ How is the maximum cutoff frequency of the modulator calibrated?
1973 Pricing:
■ £154 (bundled with HPF Mid and HPF at the moment)
■ www.thepluginguy.com
■ www.audioware.cz
■ www.audiomadness.com
Excerpts from the website:
1973 is a complete audio plugin. It contains 495k dynamics, 43 meticulously crafted effects, 31 input and output bus tracks and offers 31 core midi controls to give you control over the frequency and volume of your midi sequences. The modulator is a unique feature

1973 Free [32|64bit]

1973 Product Key is here and it aims to be an advanced, versatile, and personal reverb. 1973 brings you a thorough setup of LFO, modulation, and Dry/Wet controls, and a dynamic Envelope Follower.
1973 is a matter of seconds to load in your host, and is capable of creating advanced effects such as adding delay, or pre-delay effects. 1973 also adds a clean HF boost plugin to give your audio that unique detail of a high fidelity reverb without any hassle.
1973 is all about versatility. 1973 gives you two rotary Dry/Wet controls, a complex LFO, an adjustable Auto Envelope to automate the reverb tail, and two button controls for the ultimate control of 1973. Get 1973 and take full control of your audio!
Get to Load it:
1. Download it from my website and open in your VST host software.
2. If it asks you to find the VST host, click “Controls” and select the host from the list.
If you don’t have the host you need to download it here:

Cloudy Kick – Bring out the Night with Atmosphere!
Cloudy Kick brings a misty and cloudy ethereal atmosphere to your instrument, and lets you kick to the clouds and sit back while your instrument takes you through the sky. This audio plugin will add a classic full-band, ebbing and flowing atmospheric effect to your instrument. Cloudy Kick is great for serving as a gentle ethereal backdrop to things like keyboards and pads.
■ VST host
■ 30 days trial
Get the latest VST host software here.
If you don’t have the host you need to download it here:

EMI LPCM Stereo Plug-in
The EMI LPCM Stereo plugin uses the convenience of a plug-in, combined with the quality of a host. By utilizing the plugin format, and having it readily available as a standard host plugin, you can use the same plugin across all your hosts, with no hassle. The LPC


1973 is a custom designed audio plugin created using over 50 years of audio engineering knowledge and technology to bring you an incredibly detailed and visceral sound like never before.
1973 is designed to alter the the low, mid-range and high frequencies with minimal attenuation to unleash the full potential of the audio device. This is a high quality audio plugin.
Take control of your amplifier and loudspeakers!
1973 Audio Plugin:
1973’s appearance is unmistakable and completely under your control. This VST audio plugin boasts a stunning graph display that shows just how much the signal and the amplifier’s respective controls are being modified.
If you don’t like how 1973 sounds in a particular application, you can quickly and easily undo those changes. For example, if you’re unhappy with your sound in your bass bins, simply lower the -1121 control.
The VST host controls the 1972 Audio Plugin settings by default, so you have full control over any of them. To configure the plugin, simply open the Setup tab and view the displayed help text. Each control is explained clearly. Feel free to play around with the settings using the notepad that can be accessed from the Help button.
You can now engage in total audio control. Get a taste of this 1972 audio plugin now.
Try 1973 now!
Choose your price

Demo available here.
24/7 support
1973 Video Plugin:
Exclusive video software developed to enhance your audio performance. It will help you to create and share great videos with ease and flexibility.
Features include:
– Custom recording setting
– Record videos in areas where you can’t use microphones (e.g. onstage)
– Built-in audio recorder
– Integrated capture card
– Many video formats supported (video recording 1080P HD)
– Record your audio directly to any format (MP3, M4A, AC3, AC4, FLAC)
– Set the time offset when recording
– Support screen share
– Create a media player that plays videos directly from the hard drive
– Resizable size by simply dragging
– Support playback of videos from the VLC video player
– Support horizontal flipping
– Support audio freezing
– Support frame offset
– Create videos with background music
– Provides customizable icons for your folder and file
– No hardware installation required
– Drag to resize feature
– Drag to move feature
– Support hotkeys
– Support system tray icon
– Support quick launch
– Simple interface
– Transparent

What’s New in the?

This plugin is a high-end audio enhancement device. It will add towering, undistorted amounts of extra HF boost to any music track of your choice. This audio plugin provides up to 100dB of gain and no distortion. The effect is transparent – there are no MIDI controllers to mess with. Just drop the 1973 audio plugin into your VST host and drop in 10 seconds of any kind of music. Then you are ready to go.
1973 was created by breaking traditional techniques. Typically, audio plugins are added onto audio tracks and are distorted by static. This makes them difficult to use and may damage your eardrums. However, 1973 is different; the effect comes at the same time as the music. When a new section starts, 1973 is already there, and it will stay there for your entire music track. The result? No static. No distortion. You can put 1973 in the centre of a track and never worry about damaging your ears.
1973 is perfect for live performances, or even for studio mixing. When used, 1973 adds an incredible amount of clarity to sound. This allows you to hear subtle details that were otherwise masked. For example, you can clearly hear the high pitched note of a piano for 30 years.
1973 is the only audio plugin you will ever need. Whether you are live, at a gig, or in your studio – 1973 is the answer for high-quality HF boost.
1973 is a 21st Century Audio plugin. It uses the latest digital technology to provide the greatest transparency, perfect clarity, and pristine dynamics. It has a stunning sound and no MIDI settings to set.
1973 is well-suited for music genres of all types. It works well with single or multiple instruments.
1973 is designed to sound good in many situations. It can easily be used to adjust the speaker setup or add SRS Surround Pro to an existing mix. It can also be used as a simple headphone effect.
1973 is like no other audio plugin. Every musical note is amplified. 1973 is the “undistorted” audio plugin.
1973 has been designed to work with other plugins. The effect can be used when adding SRS Sound Isolator. It can also be used in tandem with audio effects such as vintage high-pass and rev cut filters.
1973 is a breakthrough audio plugin and the worlds best for HF amplification. The 1973 audio plugin is essential for your recording, mixing, mastering, and live performance.



System Requirements For 1973:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Intel Pentium II 450mhz with 128 megs RAM or better
Note: GBA Emulator is more reliable, try to run in Windowed mode and decrease the Font size as default.
Game Title:
All games use the Co-op mode in single-player, two players can play against each other or against the AI.
Gamepad: press A to play, B to pause, X to choose the level, Y to resume, L


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