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The Send to SmugMug application will add a contextual menu to the Windows Explorer Shell and allow you to quickly create a new Album and upload the photos in the folder, or add the photos to an existing Album.









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13 Essential PC Digital Photo Tools

Nowadays, we take so many digital photos with our mobile devices, we find ourselves inundated with a pile of pictures to sort through. Whether it’s the family vacation or the ski trip, the event of a lifetime or the red sunset you captured on your iPhone, we’re constantly firing off pictures that need to be reviewed and distributed in a variety of ways.

While Lightroom is a great app for doing some basic editing and organization on your photos, you’ll need more robust tools if you want to create albums, perfect the lighting, remove unwanted objects, batch process your files, or create photo montages and slideshows. Here are 13 of the best desktop tools for organizing, sharing, printing, and even burning your favorite photo memories into a DVD. The collection includes easy-to-use tools such as ImgBurn and Brasero and more full-blown application such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


Photoscape is a truly standalone application, but it is accessible from any Windows program. You can either upload photos to Photoscape and let the application do the organizing for you, or you can use the Photoscape “Windows Explorer” mode to drag and drop files directly into the application and then drag and drop them from the application back to Windows Explorer. Photoscape is capable of a very wide range of photo editing, both in terms of simple adjustments like brightness, contrast and color correction, as well as more complex applications such as retouching.

The drag and drop application also allows for better integration with the program you have currently open in Windows Explorer. If you are using Windows 7, you can drag your photos back and forth between Photoscape and any program you have open in Explorer, such as the Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Paint.NET is the most popular photo editing application, and the open-source software is still quickly getting better with each new release. The application features a number of basic tools, including the ability to crop photos, rotate photos, and resize the image. What sets Paint.NET apart from similar apps is its powerful palette editor. Using the palette, you can create unique effects and experiments in your images without having to use multiple layers. You can also use the enhanced color selector to work on individual colors.


Picasa is one of the best photo organizing apps, and it’s also completely free.

Send To SmugMug Incl Product Key

This a simple utility for upload photos to

SmugMug is a free photo album service for Windows that makes it easy to upload and share photos.

The Send To SmugMug Application can be used to upload pictures from a folder on your hard drive to a SmugMug album. This is useful for a number of different reasons:

You want to upload a collection of photos to SmugMug.

You want to upload photos to SmugMug quickly, without having to go through a web page.

The SmugMug Album Application does a pretty good job at matching photos to albums, and it is quite likely that any photos you want to upload will be assigned to a SmugMug album when you send the photos.

You may want to send a large number of photos (such as when you send a collection of photos from a vacation or a large family shoot) to SmugMug.

You may want to check the photos that you already have in SmugMug before you upload them.

The Send to SmugMug Application works by launching the SmugMug application (if it is not already running). The SmugMug application then displays the photos from the selected folder. You can then choose to add a new album, choose an existing album, or upload the photos in the folder into an existing album.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the application:

The Send To SmugMug application only allows you to add photos to albums, it does not allow you to delete photos from an album.

To make sure the photos are uploaded to SmugMug you have to confirm the upload, if you choose not to it will not be uploaded.

You will not be able to upload any photos unless you have a SmugMug account.

To remove images from SmugMug, you will need to contact the SmugMug support staff.

To hide/show the images/photos in the list, press the [Show/Hide] button.

To delete a photo from the list, select it and press the [Delete] button.

The Send To SmugMug application is intended to make adding/uploading photos to SmugMug as easy as possible. It doesn’t guarantee that every photo will be properly uploaded to SmugMug.

Send To SmugMug Crack [April-2022]

Send to SmugMug is a powerful Windows application that allows you to easily upload your photos to the SmugMug photo hosting service. This application will work with any Flickr account you have and it can be set up to upload a folder full of images.
Send to SmugMug Features:
– Create a new Album and Upload Photos
– Add Photos to an Existing Album
– Get email updates when more photos are added to the Album
– Ability to download all the images to your computer using the built-in Windows Server Update Services engine
– Ability to preview the photos in a preview window before the photos are uploaded to SmugMug
– Ability to view a map of where the photos were taken
– Save photos to the SmugMug CDN for improved speed
– Send to SmugMug will show if a given photo size doesn’t fit on the page
– Ability to automatically resize the photos if the page doesn’t display the photos in the proper size
– Ability to batch photos on the fly to quickly upload many photos from your computer
– Ability to drag and drop your photos into Send to SmugMug
– Ability to get feedback on photos and change their title before uploading them
– Ability to set “Hide Images” in the title (such as “Hidden pictures I don’t want to show”)
– Ability to send email to SmugMug administrators or moderators when a photo is added to the album
– Ability to set up a schedule to upload photos at a set time
– Ability to schedule a time to convert the photos from JPEG to PNG
– Ability to keep the file name the same, update the extension and change the file name
– Ability to send email to SmugMug administrators or moderators when photos are added to a folder
– Ability to save the date and time the photos were added to the Album
– Ability to save the name of the folder and all the photos in it
– Ability to provide a reason for the Photo Removal (optional)
– Ability to give the photos a title (optional)
– Ability to edit a photo once it’s added to the album (optional)
– Ability to check if the photo has already been uploaded to the SmugMug servers (optional)
– Ability to post a comment on the SmugMug website when the photos are uploaded (optional)
– Ability to use Enter key to upload the photo (optional)
– Ability to use the Windows shell to batch

What’s New in the?

Send to SmugMug application will add a contextual menu to the Windows Explorer Shell and allow you to quickly create a new Album and upload the photos in the folder, or add the photos to an existing Album.

Send to SmugMug is a powerful GUI application that allows you to create a folder with several photos, or to add photos from a folder to an existing Album.

Create a folder:

The application will open a dialog window to select the folder where to add the photos. You can select a number of photos by pressing the Ctrl button and then clicking on the photos to select, for example, to select 5 photos at once, it will Ctrl+click on each photo.

For example, if you want to select the photos of the folder on your desktop (C:\Users\xxx\Desktop) for the second screenshot below, you should press Ctrl+click on the first photos, then Ctrl+click on the third, the fifth, the seventh, the ninth, and the eleventh.

You can then create a new Album and choose a name for it, or you can add the photos of the folder to an existing Album.

Add photos from folder to Album:

If you click on the New button, the dialog box will open where you can select a number of photos. Then you can add them to the Album by clicking on the Add button.

Also, if you press the Ctrl button and the Enter button the photos in the folder will be added to the Album and the dialog box will close automatically.

Access to the other images in the folder, this one can be synchronized with SmugMug Gallery.Image copyright Getty Images

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System Requirements For Send To SmugMug:

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