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Expertly managing a beauty salon does not only entail providing the newest products and treatments, but it is also about focusing on the needs and preferences of your core customers. In other words, you need to determine what they expect from a service and make sure you offer the right assortment at the right price and with the appropriate personnel.
NoiSpa is an application designed for beauty centers and spas who need a user-friendly and straightforward solution to keep track of all aspects of their business so that they can figure out the services that help them build loyal customers and better service.
Intuitive GUI, despite the little hiccups
The program comes with a simple and easy to navigate interface that makes it easy to anyone to add, edit and delete appointments regardless of their computer skills. The UI consists of a dashboard that enables you to access the main categories of treatments, services and customers and various windows where you can note down the corresponding details.
You should know that the interface includes a few windows' names and buttons in Italian. However, this is most likely a mishap that does not affect the functionality of the application in any way.
Keep track of appointments and customers
The utility makes things as straightforward as possible when it comes to adding dates, customers along with their desired treatments, services and products. It is necessary to mention that while it does allow you create a client database, you can seamlessly add new entries (customers, products, treatments, services, operators and booths).
While operators can add their own data, the schedule applies to everyone. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can end up with two appointments for the same service on the same day. Moreover, you can let your customers know immediately whether a service or hour is available for the time they want to make an appointment.
Provides automatic management of all products and services
In addition to fewer errors, the app enables you to analyze the financial situation and inventory for your beauty center automatically based on the entries made. In fact, since the tool can take care of revenue, providers, products, warehouse, promotions, subscriptions and treatments automatically, you can gain more time for looking for ways to engage your loyal customers.
Lastly, since it keeps payment records, the app helps you figure out who are your target customers, so you can come up with specialized services, discounts or other perks for them.
A feature-rich app for beauty centers' managers
All in all, NoiSpa provides you with numerous powerful tools and intuitive features that can help you increase the productivity and success of your spa or cosmetic salon.







NoiSpa 2022 [New]

NoiSpa Cracked Version is the perfect solution for the management and the organization of your business. You can easily add products, services, operators, clients, booths and any other information that is relevant to your business. NoiSpa Crack Keygen also stores payment records and a complete inventory of every product in your salon, so you know exactly what inventory you have.
You can also easily add new services and new facilities like parking lots or showers; you can also manage the payments made by your clients, fill them out yourself or let NoiSpa do it for you.
You can check your sales, see the amount of inventory that you have or verify your clients payment information. All in all, NoiSpa is the perfect solution for the management and the organization of your business.
NoiSpa Latest Version:
NoiSpa Version: 3.3.2
Size of File: 885 Mb
Price: 14.99 $
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[BestReviews] If you’ve been to a salon in the past few years, you may have noticed that the person who answers the phone is on a first name basis with you rather than the standard “hello, this is the customer service” greeting. So, when a new payment app was announced this month, it was natural for the news to spread that Apple is testing a new “Salon Manager” feature for the iOS which would suggest that Apple could potentially name their “new payment app payment manager”.

And, as you would expect from Apple, there’s a lot to say about that:

• Requires a fast WiFi or cellular connection. • Does not include Apple Pay functionality, yet. • Does not work with Google Pay or Android Pay. • Not recommended for use on a shared phone. • Not recommended for use by individuals for personal payments. • Does not handle recurring payments (monthly subscriptions, e.g., gym memberships). • May not be available in all countries.

All of these are dealbreakers, but where the real news comes in is around the fact that Apple is still testing a new “Salon Manager” feature for iOS users, specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

[BestReviews] When you’re a salon owner, you’re in a constant battle to stand out and keep your business on top of its game by differentiating yourself from the hundreds of other salons. That means a whole lot of things, and ultimately, being able to create amazing customer experiences that reflect that unique vision will be the hallmark of your salon for the foreseeable future.

And when it comes to providing those awesome experiences to your customers, the choices you make about the mobile-based payment technologies you use in your salon are likely going to make a massive difference in the success of your business, and that’s where the beauty of the new Apple ‘Salon Manager’ app comes in.

Why use Apple’s new app?
Apple’s new Salon Manager app is already on the test track, and it’ll be available to salons by the end of this year. The app is designed for salons who wish to offer the ultimate in checkout experiences for their customers.

While the app will not be used for Apple Pay functionality, it will provide extra benefits for salon owners and their businesses, including:

• Better customer experiences. • Payment apps that are more secure and private. • Complete control over the app. • Unique experiences for customers

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Approved for cosmetic, spa and beauty salons and skin care centers in and outside the US. Add description of this product

Beauty Salon Manager v4.0.2 Description
Beauty Salon Manager v4.0.2 Description:
Interactive beauty salon management system that allows you to manage all employees, customers, products, treatments, services, and inventory. The reports include detailed information such as sales, appointments, and profit.
Detailed and easy to use display of all information
Beauty Salon Manager is an interactive beauty salon management software that allows you to manage all employees, customers, products, treatments, services, and inventory.
It offers you to access to information of these different categories in an easy to use and detailed interface that allows you to access all the necessary information in one place and at the same time.
Let your clients know immediately if a service or time slot is available for them
The system allows you to let your clients know immediately if a service or time slot is available for them. This functionality eliminates the inevitable delays in the scheduling process.
Keep track of all financial transactions automatically
In addition to the services list and product/treatment tables, the product table has several additional features, such as sales, restock, promotion and quantity.
The software allows you to automatically keep track of financial transactions automatically and produce detailed reports of sales, transactions, promotion, restock and staff members.
Report and edit all data including appointments, clients, products, services, and products/services in different order
The software allows you to build reports from data in different order and save them in a single file.
Enhance productivity and customer service
In addition to everything you need to manage a business with, the software also includes powerful tools that help you increase productivity and customer service.
Professional VB6 interface
The software comes with an easy to use Visual Basic interface that simplifies the workflow of your salon.
Beauty salon management software
Beauty Salon Manager is a complete beauty salon management software that enables you to manage the activities of your business on one screen.
It provides you with detailed reports and makes it easier to keep track of your salon’s performance.
Automatically update inventory and reports
The software allows you to update your inventory and financial information automatically. It also includes built-in reports that helps you to understand which category is the most profitable one.

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What’s New in the NoiSpa?

Manage your cosmetic shop with this app. It’s free. Use it as a schedule manager, sales software, admin software, quote manager, inventory tracking & control software and supply/receipt tracking software.
Key Features:
Schedule Manager
Beauty salon scheduling
Customer Database
Sales Management
Admin & Stock Control
Inventory Manager
Note Taking
Multi-lingual (English, French, Spanish & more)
Multi-lingual customer support
Multi-lingual operator support
Supplier/Warehouse management
Multi-lingual training manual
Loyalty program
Matching coupons
More features coming soon!
NoiSpa – Meet NoiSpa

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System Requirements:

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