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The Tales of The Elden Ring Product Key is a fantasy action RPG game that combines aspects of the anime series “Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals” with an action RPG setting.
In the setting of Tarnis, there is a town named “Familias Regia” that has served as the epicenter of the military headquarters since ancient times, and here lives a young man named Dust, who is carrying the last golden bangle. After a hard day of work, he enters a restaurant and meets up with a beautiful woman named Laurus who is asking him to come with her and escape from a group of monsters called “Barbarians”, which are constantly attacking the town. Dust then leaves the restaurant together with Laurus, who tells him that she is a supernaturally powerful mage, and begins to show him her power. However, things go terribly wrong at the top of a tower and Dust falls to the ground.
He then wakes up in another world, but another unfortunate incident occurs. Dust is then thrown into the “Lands Between”, a fantastic world that resembles an anime fantasy. He awakens within an enormous castle, surrounded by a mysterious and immense atmosphere. He then meets other adventurers, all of whom live a story of hardship and endurance.

Game Basics

Character Creation
1. Choose Your Class
The player chooses their class from the three classes: Soldier, Wizard, and Thief. As with the classes of Final Fantasy XV, such as the Warrior and Caster, the classes are divided into four trees: the Swordsman, Ranger, Magician, and Thief classes.

The Class System
The classes available for each class have been created to reflect the abilities of that class in action. For example, the Thief class uses dual swords for attacks and has a wide range of skills for exploration, whereas the Wizard class uses spell-like abilities and has a moderate range of skills for navigation.

The main points of class differences are as follows.
1. The strengths of all classes are reflected in the skills that they have available for training.
2. Once the player has chosen their class, they have the opportunity to specialise in their class by training in their respective primary classes.
3. The Sword class is always required for all characters.

Ultimate Magic
The Ultimate Magic function is an ultimate ability that the Wizard class has. The Ultimate Magic can be used to inflict damage at great distance


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • ECO – The Environment and Control Over – An Ever Evolving Universe
  • Dynamic Combat – Perform technique based and skill based techniques for both enemies and allies
  • Multiplayer – Developed with RPG players in mind, allowing players to travel as a team and challenge other players in asynchronous battles
  • Class System – Create powerful characters with unique combinations of skills that feature a powerful fighting system
  • RPG Game System – Character Enhancement, Tactical Usage, and Itemization – Hybridized RPG elements are combined to provide a seamless gameplay experience
  • PvP – Many PvP battles will take place on the battlefield and can involve any combination of characters in the party
  • Social Features – Multiplayer and asynchronous online elements make it possible to connect with other players and feel the presence of others
  • Arc System – Arc System is a gameplay feature that attempts to make up for the limited time required for two-player vs. mode plays by providing shared knowledge between players through natural game progression
  • System of Skill Points – The enhancements will be used to trigger new skill attacks
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