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The BEST OPEN WORLD RPG on PS4! Adventure in the parallel world of Aetherythem and fight alongside the Specter Knight—a powerful guardian in the power of light. Customize your character—choose your own path! Like the robust, open-ended gameplay—gather guilds, skill your weapons, and go on quests with friends.

Class system: Dynamic interplay system lets you create your own unique combination of three classes. Define your own role and style of play.

Customize your character and explore a massive open world!

Build your own city and guilds to rule over!

Gather guilds and quest through multiple story paths

Face off in challenging dungeons

Explore a dynamic simulation city with NPC’s

Enjoy dynamic simulation battles and real-time PvP!

Action-packed battles with a wide range of combat styles

Explore a massive open world on your own terms

Fight your way through, or ally with a community of guilds

Traverse a booming city with dynamic day and night cycles

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Advanced character modeling, lighting and shading, and facial animation enable for a truly astonishing degree of customization

Explore, build, and conquer your own hometown with your own guilds

A wide variety of gameplay styles, offering something for everyone

“A large open world packed with content, but still manages to feel lively, accessible, and exciting. With this game, there’s never a dull moment. The game’s gameplay, UI, and polish makes it easy to enjoy, and challenging to master.” -IGN “It was hard to put down, and the rewards for having the time to get through the game are plenty of hours of top-flight RPG gameplay” -Eurogamer “The auction house is as fun as anything else in the game, and surprisingly a lot of fun.” -GamesRadar


When the Specter Knight was lost in the Aetherythem during a battle with the evil Overlord, the Specter Army was nearly destroyed. A new Specter Knight has been chosen, and it’s your job to defend the world, and restore the Specter Army.

Darkness gathers again, and a new Overlord threatens to lay waste to all. It’s up to you, the Specter Knight, to join the army to restore order to the world.


Download >>>>> DOWNLOAD

Download >>>>> DOWNLOAD

Puzzle Light: Connect Features Key:

  • Participants are sent to some town
  • Each of you like guessing the situation
  • Collecting the correct letters on the map board really can win
  • Use the map stones and hammer, find the place that is the highest score
  • This is a very challenging and fun game
  • Download
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    Puzzle Light: Connect Crack

    Puzzle Light is a beautifully designed puzzle game with a new twist! You play as a blind character, who can only tell whether or not the tiles match by touching them. The game is set up as a blindfolded challenge, where the goal is to connect the tiles so that they spell out each letter of the alphabet.

    There are 4 character types in the game, and each game you can choose between them. Choose between puzzle light characters that can connect tiles by touching them, and characters that can “look” at the puzzle for a better chance at connection. There is a faster version of the game where all of the tiles are made invisible and you’re just trying to connect them by touching the tile.

    There is no real difficultly in the game, as you can easily see how to connect the tiles! There is a “random” mode that will take you through the alphabet, but other options are available including custom puzzles.

    And there are 4 puzzle modes in the game, so choose the one that you like the most! Choose from easy mode, puzzle light mode, a mode where all of the tiles are transparent, and a mode where all tiles are hidden.1. Field of the Invention
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    Puzzle Light: Connect Crack PC/Windows (April-2022)

    The indie iOS puzzle game “Puzzle Light: Connect” was named
    as the
    #5 iPhone game of the year by Apple and is now available on

    – Tap the letters in the grid in order to form words
    – Tap the letters in the grid in order to form words
    – There are three difficulty modes, practice mode,
    normal mode and hard mode.
    – Tap the entire grid in order to advance.
    – Earn up to $50,000 in the game through QCA, a global leader
    in online point based games.
    – Find out how to play Puzzle Light: Connect.

    Developed by Pixelmind Limited (UK)

    Puzzle Light: Connect

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