Captain Tsubasa PS2 NTSC JAP Iso



Captain Tsubasa PS2 NTSC JAP Iso

Last weekend I was lucky to meet 2 of my favorite homebrew developers, Paon and Lcdless. After the release of Lcdless computer, Paon have decided to release his graphical modding firmware for Wii U, Paon can be a kind of DLD for Wii U, using the Wii Remote Plus as extra input, like DSXL, he can make Wii U with DS4.4 based firmware, like Lcdless. So enjoy Paon’s updates, released from his Devpage: DISCLAIMER: This is unofficial firmware, “For fun”, I don’t have any permission of these firmware. I won’t guarantee and not liable for any damages cause by this firmware. How to install Paon’s Firmware? 1. Download the Paon’s firmware. 2. Take off Wiimote camera and sd card from Wiimote. 3. Put sd card into the Wiimote, turn on the wiimote, and back button for 4 seconds, then power on button, (or) you can install the firmware using the pre-installed.wad file. 4. Put Wiimote and Wiimote camera in the Wiimote (Pro) and turn on, back button of the Wiimote for 10 seconds (Paon’s firmware should start from here) 5. Put sd card on the Wiimote’s side and you should see the firmware load screen. 6. Turn off Wiimote using back button, you should see a message “Paon’s firmware is installed successfully”. 7. Put sd card on the side of the Wiimote and turn on the wiimote, back button of the Wiimote for 10 seconds. 8. You should see the firmware load screen. 9. Turn off the wiimote and you should be in Paon’s firmware! 10. If you have trouble and you don’t know what to do or you have any problem, please contact with me. Q & A with Paon’s firmware Q: What’s the difference of the type of the Paon’s firmware? A: There are 3 types. – Paon’s ROM (On-mode), – ROM Stage 1 (After Paon’s firmware) (


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