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Paradiddle was used in the online Magickal Mushrooms site as an introduction in recording and illustrating a simple paradiddle pattern. The simple paradiddle pattern has long been used in old time musicians to teach a new drummer how to keep their time and measure their tempos. Traditionally a paradiddle is a sixteen-stroke pattern that begins a specific number of beats from the previous paradiddle.


If four beats, then count a, b, c, d for your count.

If eight beats, then count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

How to Use a Paradiddle as the Intial Pattern:

The first paradiddle on this page is numbered 6 and it runs from two and a half beats to six and a half beats, or from 0:59 to 1:07 on the metronome.

When setting up a paradiddle sequence, tempo is measured in quarters. One quarter (or eight beats) is set up with each paradiddle and so the first paradiddle will begin on the first quarter.. In the second paradiddle, the first quarter is held and the second quarter is set up.

Although a paradiddle is a beautiful percussive pattern, it is usually easiest to understand the paradiddle concept by using the metric pulses that are generated by keeping a rhythmic count, such as “One-two-three-four.”

This sequence of 3/16 notes is a representative example of a paradiddle and is illustrated below:

This sequence is a sort of “play-along” version of the original 16th note motif.

The first paradiddle, (which is numbered 6) is a sequence of three eighth notes.

The following eight paradiddles will each have eight eighth notes.

The first series of measures is a perfect tempo but in order to stay in perfect time with the metric pulses of three eighth notes per paradiddle, set the drum speed to 8 counts per quarter.

If you set up the first paradiddle as a quarter rest, the first four paradiddles can be played on the first quarter and the remaining paradiddles will be played on the following quarter.

The second series of paradiddles will be used to establish the tempo as a simple patter of three beats per paradiddle.

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