We meet every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. in the Silk Mill, behind The Inn at the Olde Silk Mill.

Common Ground is a faith community in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia with a vision to make as much room at the table of Christ as possible.  Not only do we do this each Sunday as we participate in the Lord’s Supper, but we also practice making room by gathering in community groups each week around the city.  These groups are designed to encourage, challenge, and provide traveling partners in this thing called life.

We also value making room at our table for those who may not consider themselves a part of the family.  Christ has commanded us to love our neighbors as well as our enemies and that doesn’t leave much room for exclusion.  Therefore we value to the core of our being those who are on the fringe and those who are far from God.

Our heart beats for the transcendent presence of God found only in the mysterious body and blood of Jesus Christ.  At Common Ground, everything comes down to the death, burial, resurrection, and the ascending reign of Christ who gives life and hope to a world in desperate need of a God who is near and a God who will take on our burdens.

Common Ground aspires to be a community of hope in a city of isolation.  We aspire to be the best neighbors, who like God, help carry burdens, not add to them.  We aspire to throw the best parties, and pour the best wine and cook the best food, and to laugh together at the oddities and paradoxes of life.  Finally, we aspire to be a community, where God is at the center, Christ is our brother and the Holy Spirit is our fire.  We believe that Christ has come to establish the Kingdom of God here and now but also there and then.  Therefore, when he says, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” we take seriously the call to following Christ at all costs.  Leaving the life we once knew and taking hold of a life we could never earn.  It’s all a gift.  All is grace.

So please join us this Sunday – we’d love to have you as our guest and we look forward to the possibilities in Christ of doing life together.