COVID-19 Policy Update for Common Ground Church

Updated June 2021

We have been talking about it for a couple weeks in our outdoor gatherings and as we move into the Silk Mill this Sunday we wanted to give you update. Governor Northam has lifted the mask mandate per CDC guidelines, for vaccinated people indoors. It has been since March of 2020 that we have gathered inside together and we know that when the people of God gather to worship in his name, beautiful things happen. We were made for community. The incarnation itself is “God with us” and there has been nothing about pandemic protocol that is a part of God’s original plan for how his people. However, God specializes in showing up even when we damage his blueprint for human flourishing. While we are grateful for our response in loving our neighbors during the past 18 months, we feel we have the freedom now to regather at the lowest risk possible from the beginning of the pandemic. We know that many of you will still choose to wear a mask and you will be met with love and all grace. We know that many of you will choose not to wear a mask and you will be met with love and all grace. We have been in this together and God will see us through as we respect one another, look out for our children, and love our neighbor.

Things to keep in mind:

We will continue taking the Eucharist as we have with the prepackaged body and blood of Christ. Wine is in the condiment cups with the red dot while grape juice is in the clear condiment cups. Gluten Free bread will still be marked with the GF on the front. We will have service now stationed in our previous locations in the Silk Mill and rather than them coming to you, you will be able to come to the body and blood of Christ which makes the Eucharist as much a participation in worship as possible. (Please, for the time being, wear a mask when coming to receive communion from others. Our servers will also be masked only during this section of our liturgy.) 

*You can drop off your toddler (1-3 yr old) in the CG office for class that will run during the entire service. While our teachers will be masked, your toddler is not required. 

*Our Pre-K and Elementary classes will still, for the time being, meet outside and no changes to their policy will be made at this time. Teachers will return kids to the Silk Mill after class, similar to how we have done this in the parking lot and at River Church. 

*We have talked for years that the ecosystem of the church at its very foundation is FORGIVENESS. We want to thank you for your long-suffering, your commitment, your patience, and your forgiveness. We will not get this perfect. You will not get this perfect. Yet it is good to know that love and forgiveness is the mark of the church so we will be patient with one another as we navigate this new season. We will continue to ease up and add elements and classrooms as time allows. 

Thank you Common Ground! We can’t wait to be together. If you need anything before gathering with us on Sunday please don’t hesitate to reach out. Lower your expectations of worship as it was, and elevate Christ who is seated at the right hand of God almighty! When we lift HIM up, he will draw all mankind to himself. Our job is to worship in reverence and awe! 

Be Well ~ Love Big, 
Pastor Gregg Jennings

These times are not easy and we all need prayer. Email us and we will be happy to respond with prayer and encouragement.