We interrupt this 2021 Taboo sermon series for a deeper look at the issue that has divided the American church from its inception. Just imagine what racism, bigotry, and greed have stolen from the people of God? St. Paul would pour out his life for the unity of a church that America would sell for 30 pieces of silver. We did this under the lie that we were reading Paul correctly. To our own shame, not only did we read Paul all wrong, we failed to emulate the Messiah who came to set the captives free and give sight to the blind. So, why should a predominately white middle class faith community pause during Black History Month to listen to the voices of faith coming out of Africa? 

To know the truth.

To listen.

To repent.

To be set free.

To love God.

To love our neighbor.

Throughout this series, we will look at Old and New Testament Africans and their experiences with God. We will tie these biblical stories to the hope and ideas that moved through the Civil Rights Movement, and finally we will land each week in our own neighborhood and the stories of African American faith in Fredericksburg’s own history. Moving beyond the MLK Day quote to disciple and develop a theology worthy of having a dream. The end is redemption. The end is reconciliation. The end is Christ ascended and ruling with justice. The end is every nation, every tongue, every tribe, kneeling together before the lamb that was slain for all.