Part of our liturgy and life in the spirit at Common Ground is to give back to God for all he has given us. Doing so is just as much an act of worship as anything you’ll do or experience on Sunday morning. God loves a cheerful giver because that is who God is. As we learn to grow less and less attached to our things in this world, we grow more and more attached to the heart of Christ who gave all he could. We believe in giving of our time to those who need our presence. We believe in giving of our money so we don’t grow too attached to it and to fund the mission and movement of the church in the city and beyond. We believe in giving our gifts and talents back to God so others might see that God is a God of beauty and art, love and mercy, service and hard work. Combined, to be like God and to be a giver to God means so much more than just our money, and yet, through this so many others are blessed.

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