Dear Common Ground, 

I’d like to invite you to join me in 10 days of prayer and fasting as we go into the national events of next week. The national crisis of division and power has come to head and as the people of Christ, we feel compelled to fast and pray. In times of great pain, loss, and fear the early church would not lose heart. As a follower of Jesus, do not let the events of last week or the events of any week to come spoil your vocation as a man and woman of prayer and hope. 

Each day we will have a theme to ponder, prayers to pray, and a particular fast to enter into. While there is great reason to lament for a divided nation, there is even a greater reason to hope in the king that has passed through death and is now ruling at the right hand of God. May this be a time to draw near to him and to rise above the chaos all around while refusing to abandon our neighbors and friends who are caught in the cycle of current events. May we be transformed by the compassion of Christ and may that change our dear city and nation. 

Each day you can log onto the website or onto Common Ground’s social media to find the prayers and fast of the day. 

Grace and Peace, 
Gregg Jennings