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being disciples

What song got you through the hard times? What song did you fall in love to? What song comforted you through the death of a loved one? What song puts joy in your heart every time you drive down the road? What song connects you most to the heart of God? For Israel, their songbook would have had all of those and more. Songs of joy, lament, love, hope, rage, and deliverance were all found in the book of Psalms. As a country and as a community we are certainly experiencing a hard year. Join us this fall at Common Ground as we refuse to numb ourselves with the pain and feel all the feels of the Psalmist who put his trust in God. Join us for the Gospel According to the Psalms.

Visual Liturgy


If you’ve missed a message or series, or just want to hear what a Sunday morning sounds like, we’ve got you covered! Click the link below and download any of the messages from our archive.