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Sunday Sermons

Sermon Series


Four iconic artists.

Four different genres.
Four transcendent songs.
Four sacred truths.
For all who love music and it’s explorations of life, death, culture, faith, and love.

Join us at Common Ground this January for The Saint’s Record Player. All of us have songs that made us understand life, love, pain, and God from a different point of view. Songs that have helped us see each other as equal and full of dignity. We have songs that got us through the tragedy. We have songs that have moved us so profoundly that we were changed after hearing it’s melodies and taking in it’s poetry. We want to invite you to CG the next four weeks as we put the record player on stage and hear from some of the best albums and poets over the last 50 years. Grab a music loving friend and we’ll see you on Sunday at Common Ground.

Visual Liturgy


If you’ve missed a message or series, or just want to hear what a Sunday morning sounds like, we’ve got you covered! Click the link below and download any of the messages from our archive.