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Sunday Sermons

Sermon Series


We’ve all been there. We’ve all bargained and argued with God at some point in our life. As we start off the new year in 2020, we want to take a good look not only at prayer, but also at a few instances where individuals had conversations with God that changed the course and circumstances of the moment. Prayer is a mysterious thing and though we trust that God has the greater good in mind, we also have the freedom to speak up and ask him to change what is going on in our life. Prayer, even though we don’t fully understand it, does change not only us, but also the heart of God. Join us over the month of January at Common Ground, but more than just joining us, open the space in your heart to the intimate dialogue with your creator who loves you and wants to spend more time with you in prayer.

Visual Liturgy


If you’ve missed a message or series, or just want to hear what a Sunday morning sounds like, we’ve got you covered! Click the link below and download any of the messages from our archive.