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What is the essence of humanity? I mean does a dog know he is a dog and to that degree does he know what particular kind of dog he is? Yet, regardless of what Fido knows or doesn’t know about his essence we would not say that he is any less of a dog because he is not fully conscious of the kind of breed that he is. Yet, we as humans in our consciousness have degrees of what we would say is behavior or patterns of thinking that is either is MORE or in face LESS human. God has created one of the most complex and befuddling things by creating the human brain and we haven’t even begun to fully grasp all we can possibly do with them. Yet the Gospel is clear that somehow, we are to conform these bodies and minds into the likeness of the body and mind of Christ. Join us this over the next several weeks as we take a look at the theological interaction between the mind, body, and spirit of Being Human.

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