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What do you think of when you think of the book of Revelation? Do you think about heaven or hell or do you think about scary things that talked about happening before the end of the world? Lets all be honest, it is literally the Apocalypse! Yet, when it was first read to the persecuted church, it gave them the courage and hope to stand up for love in a world of hate. But how can a book with so much destruction be about the love and justice of God? How can a book with so much mystery be a letter of hope for the persecuted Christians? Without taking the mystery out of the letter, we want to take the next five weeks at Common Ground and touch on some pretty important themes that will encourage us to stand firm in a world of temptation and fear. The book of Revelation is above all things a political resistance document. It’s a book written by the slaughtered lamb of God to his children on how to become the resurrection and how to wait in love until the Devil is finally defeated. It begins with a King who has conquered the grave and it ends with a wedding in the New Jerusalem, and everything in between is the cosmic vision of the struggle for beauty, power, love, sin, and death, and finally the great re-creation of all things!

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