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Table Groups

The Common Ground community is much more than our gatherings on Sunday mornings; it’s about people who openly share their lives with one another. We all need a place where we can read scripture together, pray for one another, ask questions, share stories, and invest in one another. Among our hectic lives, we need an alternative rhythm to tune our hearts toward Christ and toward each other.

Table Groups are consistent  of weekly or bi-monthly gatherings of 5-15 people that come together in homes and apartments throughout the city to discuss scripture and experience life together. Table Groups are places of encouragement, of honest questions, and give you a chance for growth and discipleship. It’s where we refocus and gain understanding as to who Jesus is and how He changes our lives. We spend a lot of time getting to know each other relationally and engage with scripture as a narrative that is applicable to our lives.

Every Table Group is unique, but here is what we have in common:

  • Welcoming: Our Table Groups are welcoming to everyone, no matter what your faith background is.
  • Challenging: Our Table Groups are places where people grow through their exploration of the Bible, their discussions, and their relationships.
  • Relational: Our Table Groups are places where people can develop deep, intentional relationships with one another.
  • Purposeful: Our Table Groups take a couple weeks out of each semester to engage in a service oriented mission as a group. We break the mold on these weeks in order to break into the lives of our community and neighbors in the same way Christ has broken into our lives, with incarnation and love.


Melissa & Lonnie Southall / Sam & Lindsay Shortt @ 6PM

Spencer Atkinson, Kezia Sweet, & Tom Hayden @ 6:30PM



Joe & Peggy Taft / Susan & Tyler Grigg @ 6:30PM

Amie & Nate Burkholder @ 6PM



Amy & Nate Medders @ 6:30PM

Jeb & Deb Collins @ 6:30PM



Lauren Cannavo / Hannah Thompson @ 10AM

Gregg Jennings @ 6:30PM

Kristin Shores / Karen Rawson @ 6PM